Invest in Ventania

Hill landscapes, forests, and valleys, Ventania, a region located in the interior of Buenos Aires Province, has outstanding tourist destinations, such as Sierra de la Ventana and Villa Ventana. Ventana hill, the province natural monument, it’s located in Parque Provincial Ernesto Tornquist; as well as Tres Picos hill, the highest of the province.

Ventania has as its vision the integration and development of tourist attractions, positioning the Brand as a combination of destinies that attract investments in a local, national and international level.

This Brand comes from the mountain system “Ventania”, which offers multiple attractions and sectors such as adventure, gastronomic, family-friendly and sport tourism.

Ventania proposes to generate a commercial, productive and territorial development system, that will contain the grasslands, the lakes, the port, the rivers, the dunes, the mountains, the airport, the cities, shopping centres, and the sea.

Within a radius of 150 km this region have beachs, hills, an airport, an international port, shoppings, and more than 700.000 of regional population.

Industrial Park

Tornquist municipality offers local, regional, and national enterprises the possibility to establish in the Planned Industrial Sector, located on Ruta 76, 1.5 km from Ruta 33, 8 km away from Tornquist City.

It’s offered 6 levelled plots of 2000 SQM, including energy, water, entry and exit gate, two-way boulevard, olympic perimeter fence, and perimeter plantation.

The cost for admission and acquisition of the plot is around U$ 35.000.

The approval of the projects for admission to the INDUSTRIAL PARK will be evaluated by different municipal areas. Its approval can have conditions, suggestions and consensual agreements.

Agency of Development

The Secretary of Planning and Strategy of Government proposes to strengthen the link between the public and private area to pursue as a whole the development of the district.

The creation of an Agency of Local Development allows planning the gestation of the government and consolidating an agenda of economic and social development based on local resources and abilities.

Consisting of three components in action, it allows to diagnose the institutional and productive abilities of the district, as well as carry out the execution of central government policies in a sustainable and efficient way, in agreement with all different parts that participate in it. The three components are:

  • The Cabinet
  • A team of counsels
  • Municipal agents with presence in the territory

Central activities:

  • Plans gestation and advises the cabinet
  • Produces a strategy of Government
  • Creates an agenda of development


  • Plan the gestation of the Government and consolidate an agenda of economic and social development based on local resources.
  • Recognize the institutional and productive abilities of the whole District.
  • Execute central Government policies in a sustainable and efficient way, in agreement with all different parts that participate in it.
  • Incorporate innovation municipal administration.

Strategic Plan Tornquist 2020

It’s a tool to make strategic decisions to achieve the goals agreed by the community. It establishes government politics: Social Development, Territorial Organization, Economics, Tourism, Cultural, Commercial, Industrial, Education, Health, among others.

It consists of three phases:

  • DIAGNOSE. Allows to achieve an agreement in the diagnose of all the areas of gestation of the district.
  • INTERVENTION. Establishes the Government policies in a sustainable and strategic way.
  • AGENDA. Establishes the topics and tools to carry out development process.


Dirección: Ernesto Tornquist y Gral. Paz (Altos) // Tel. 0291 – 4940810